Frequently Asked Questions
Spring 2018
Is there a parent meeting?
Yes! We will answer all questions, go over our calendar and give vital details for the upcoming season. It is important that you attend! We have options for all parents: 
How long is a season?
Our seasons are broken up into 3 months, 4 weeks a month, 11-13 weeks total.  The Spring 2018 season will run from 2/5/18– 5/6/18 
What do I need when I come in to register my child?
You will need to bring the students medical insurance card and know their basic information including name, DOB, school, grade, phone number, address, etc. A parent or guardian must sign the registration form.  Please plan to pay the $5 registration fee plus the first month of classes.  You can pay for the entire season upfront, but the first month and the registration fee is required to register your child.
What should I expect to pay every month?
Class fees vary from class to class. Class fees are due by the first Friday of each month.  If not paid by the second Friday, your child will be suspended and there will be a late fee applied.  All fees can be paid early. 
Are there refunds for classes that my child does not attend?
No.  There are no refunds for missed classes. We do offer make-up classes if your child misses a class. Make up classes are offered during all basic technique classes throughout the week.  Please schedule with Coach Jen to attend a makeup class.
When will my child be fitted for their uniform and shoes?
Uniform and shoe fittings will ONLY be held on the week of 2/5/18-2/9/18.
When will I need to pay for my child's uniform, poms and shoes?
During the registration, we will require a 50% deposit on the entire order. This must be paid no later than 2/9/18.  All balances are due by 2/23/18.  There will be a late fee for any balances not paid by the due date. There are no refunds on uniforms, shoes, practice gear, bags, etc.  All sales are final. 
Are there any other fees that I should be aware of?
Yes. Our cheerleaders will be participating in two competitions with SHARP International this season. Due dates can be found on our calendar. The cost is $25/cheerleader for each high school competition and $110/cheerleader for the State Championship Competition. We do offer sibling discounts on the competition fees, if you have more than one child you save $5 per child, excluding the first.  These fees can be paid early, but there will be a late fee for any balances not paid by the due date.  There are no refunds on camp or competition fees. Spectator fees are $13-$70 for each competition. These fees are paid at the door.
What happens at the end of this season?
Our program runs year round, but is broken up into 4 seasons. Every 3 months the cheerleaders will need to be registered for the new season. The $5 registration fee will be due to hold your child's spot. No spots will be held or assumed. 
What should my child wear to practice?
Your child should wear clothes that he/she can work out in: cotton or spandex shorts, yoga pants, shirt, socks and cheer shoes.  No midriff shirts, spaghetti straps or extremely short shorts. No jewelry or long nails are allowed on the mats. If you’d like, practice clothes are available to purchase at the front desk.
Are there any mandatory practices?
We would like you to consider ALL of our competition practices mandatory and we do understand that kids get sick, but that is the only reason why a student should miss a class.  The only way your cheerleader will excel in their skills and performance ability is by attending every practice.  Attendance is VERY important, especially for competition team members.  If your child will be absent, please call the office to let us know.  We will hold MANDATORY practices for 3 weeks to finalize everything before the competitions. If you cannot attend your scheduled practice, you will not be allowed to attend the competitions. Please check your schedule and plan ahead before registering for the competitions.
What about team pictures?
We take team and individual photos in April and September.  Large gym photos are taken in December and May.

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