Description of Classes
We offer a variety of classes to fit every schedule and every budget!

Competition Teams:
Dazzler Cheerleaders love competing!  We offer 11 different traditional competition teams which are broken down by grade level.  These teams require teamwork and dedication.  Our competition teams learn a choreographed routine including cheer, dance, stunts, tumbling and more!  We love showing off what stunts and tumbling passes our cheerleaders can throw!  These teams practice once a week, but may also have additional practice days and times.  They compete twice in October, once in December and January, once in April and a state championship competition in May.
(max prek-K: 12 students, max 1st-6th: 25 students, max 6th-12th: 30 students)

Non-Competition Teams:
Our non-competitive team will practice once a week for an hour to learn the basics of cheering on a team. These teams are open to all ages from 3-18. They will learn motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling, formations, spirit and more!  They will also learn a choreographed routine that they will perform locally.  Non-competition teams will wear our practice bundle (shirt, shorts, socks, bow, shoes) during all performances. (max 15 students)

Basic Technique:
$39/month when taken alone or $12/month when added to a team 
Our basic technique classes are broken into three different age groups, preK/Kinder/1st, 2nd-5th, 6th-12th grade.  The cheerleaders will condition, review motions, jumps, kicks, tumbling, stunts, spirit, and more!  Expect a workout during this hour long class!  (max 12-22 students)

Tumble Technique:
Our tumble technique classes are broken into three different levels:
(level 101) for preschool and kindergarten students.
(level 1) for beginners who are new to tumbling and who are working on their somersaults, cartwheels and standing back bends.(max 8 students)
(level 2) intermediate tumbling teaches them how to complete round-offs, front and back walkovers and is an introduction to front and back handsprings. (max 8 students)
(level 3) advanced tumblers who are ready to connect their round-off to the back handspring, learn their back tuck and more! (max 8 students)

Flyer Stretch and Flexibility Class:
In this class the cheerleaders will get a deep stretch throughout their whole body.  Flexibility is essential to flying. To excel at stunting, flyers must be able to perform all body positions, and when stunting at an elite level flyers need to be able to execute extreme body positions. These classes will teach athletes how to stretch properly and help them to maximize their flying potential. This class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for cheerleaders who want to be flyers, and who are currently flying.  (max 10 students)

Stunt Technique:
Our stunt technique class is offered to cheerleaders from 2nd-12th grade who want to excel in their stunting skills.  From beginners to advanced stunters, this is a class to work on what we love most!  Mix with cheerleaders from different teams and grade levels, stretch and learn how to do neat tricks while you fly, work your legs, core muscles and arms to give the best toss to your flyers! (max 25 students)

Stunt Teams:
We offer stunt team practice during the stunt technique class.  Stunt teams can be made up of cheerleaders from 2nd-12th grade who want to compete with a group of 5-6 cheerleaders, showing off their stunting skills.  The cheerleaders get to choose their own music and choreograph their own stunts with the assistance of one of our coaches.
(max 25 students per class)

Choose any 5 classes: Team, Tumbling, Basic, Stretch & Stunt.

  **Class schedule and prices are subject to change.**

Monthly Tuition
Tuition is due by the first Friday of our fiscal month.
To receive a sibling discount, cheerleaders must be siblings.
 **Class schedule and prices are subject to change.  All prices are based on a 4 week month**
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